Sharmila Thapa


Title of Research

       Actors, their roles and activities in Japan – Nepal Relations

Brief Content of my Research

    1. In context Nepal – Japan relations, both the state and non – state actors are involved in developing bilateral relation between two countries. As compared with different political system of Nepal, king-emperor, ministers, politicians and diplomats acts as a state actor and sub-state actors had played important role in strengthening the relations between two countries during the Panchayat regime (1960-1990). In 1990, Nepal adapted democratic regime with multiparty party system, due which Nepal became the members of IGOs and its agencies which is known as INGOs, regional organizations and make its position in international arena. Many NGOs and private sectors were established by the citizen and involved in development programs. This has helped to build people to people relations more strong by participating in various programs organized by the state or IGOs. Public/citizen participation has been actively involved in bilateral/multilateral affairs. The support and cooperation done by ordinary people of Japan, Japanese volunteers and Japanese mountaineering teams at the time of earthquake is appreciated by Nepali people. This sentiment has brought the people of both countries closer and further strengthened friendship and understanding. Hence, it is necessary to now consider the relevant actors who played important role to strength the relationship between two countries Nepal and Japan.



              Interviewing with a freelance journalist in 2017                   Banepa-Shindhuli Road BP Highway constructed

                                                                                                      by Japanese Government (158 km)